Faith Community Church


Sometimes it's difficult to try something or someplace totally new, especially when you think everyone else already knows what's going on and what to do. We want you to know that at Faith Community Church of Milford, we happily welcome visitors and will do our best to make you feel welcome and comfortable. Worship begins at 10:30 a.m. However, the coffee is ready and the treats are out by 10 so please feel free to come early—and to stay after the service for more fellowship.

A TYPICAL WORSHIP SERVICE is a mixture of prayer, music, scripture and a message which focuses on God's word. We also have a time where people are asked to share their joys and concerns—new babies, a son or daughter in the military being deployed, the illness of a friend or loved one, or a concern for what is happening in the world around us—and ask for prayer. Everyone is given a worship folder which outlines the day's service and includes announcements and upcoming events. Please participate at your level of comfort. Services typically last about an hour.

COMMUNION is offered once a month, usually on the first Sunday. At FCC, all who believe are welcome at the Lord's Table. Communion is sacrament which allows believers to experience unity with God and with each other. Participants do not have to be a member of FCC—or any church, for that matter. The wine is non-alcoholic. Just like Jesus, we open our arms and hearts to everyone. And if you choose not to take communion, that's fine, too. No one keeps track. It's between you and God.

WE TAKE TIME TO GREET ONE ANOTHER EVERY SUNDAY: but don't worry, people will come to you! We know that this sometimes makes people uncomfortable, so we make it a point to introduce ourselves and find out about you. This is a joyful time for us: people who have just said “Good Morning” in the foyer greet each other again: it's a “so happy you are here” time.

WE DO TAKE AN OFFERING. It is a way we acknowledge all God has given us and return a small portion which will be used for His work.However, this is not like going to a concert or the movies—there is no price of admission. You are welcome. Period. Again, no one is keeping track.

WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? The answer to that is easy: whatever makes you comfortable! The folks at FCC on a Sunday morning are all about who you are, not what you are wearing. Dress up, wear jeans, put on your shorts if it is hot. God doesn't care about your clothes, He is interested in your heart and your soul. (There's a lesson there.)

WE HAVE A SELF-SERVICE NURSERY as a place of refuge for little ones who get restless. It has a changing table, books, and toys. The service is broadcast into this room so the adult involved doesn't miss part of the service. There are also bags with colors and coloring books available as you enter the sanctuary for children to amuse themselves during the service.

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Our worship services are held at 10:30 a.m. each Sunday.

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